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We deliver Colorado mountain dream homes—quickly, easily & without hassle…

As an independent Axiom homes distributor, we provide prefabricated homes that are big on style and low on stress.

Our story

Sharon and Joe Schoeffield created Modern Mountain Homes when they fell in love with Turkel Design’s Axiom homes.

Looking to build their own home, the Axiom style fit their vision perfectly. Each residence is unique, high-quality, beautifully modern, and customizable.

Joe has extensive experience as a general contractor and has been building in the Breckenridge, CO area for over 25 years. He left the Milwaukee School of Engineering when he fell in love with Colorado, finishing his degree in Business at the University of Colorado.

Sharon migrated to the area from Texas after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin. Planning to spend one year in Breckenridge, she never left. Sharon received her MBA from University of Denver and has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience.

Together, they have raised 2 sons and remain in Breckenridge.

Modern Mountain Homes is pleased to become the first distributor of the Axiom series to Colorado.

The Axiom Series includes homes that represent a way to bring energy efficient, beautiful, and meticulously designed homes by a world renowned architect, to the urban and mountainous areas of Colorado.

We bring the vision of modern design to clients who are looking for bold design and energy efficient construction for next generation living.

Sharon and Joseph Schoeffield believe this is the future of building custom homes that will architecturally endure for generations.

Modern Mountain Homes & Axiom Features

Modern & Refined Aesthetic

  • Classic simplicity and clean lines
  • Enduring, timeless, beauty
  • Natural eco-conscious materials

Systemized method ensures quality

  • Fixed-fee design fees
  • Prefab building systems control cost
  • Interactive design process

Easy to Work With

  • Approachable & personable team
  • Strong appreciation for good design
  • Respectfully budget sensitive